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Digital Tree Management Improves L.A. City Parks

In this article from Parks & Recreation, Dana Karcher, market manager for Davey Resource Group, a division of Davey Tree, tells readers how L.A. City Parks benefited from Davey's TreeKeeper software. 

Posted: Jan. 1, 2015

By Matt Fredmonsky 

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Like any park asset, trees need careful management. Would you run your community pools without tracking chemical costs? How efficient would your mechanics be if they didn’t log maintenance to trucks, mowers and other equipment? Trees need the same consideration if you want to get the most long-term value out of their ability to shade, filter stormwater, block sound pollution, provide wildlife habitat and perform other services within your park.

Laura Bauernfeind, principal forester for Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, wanted a better method for managing the hundreds of thousands of trees spread across the parks’ 16,000 acres throughout the city and  southern California.

“In order to manage something and care for something, you have to know what you have,” Bauernfeind says. “You need to have an inventory and system in place to manage your priorities and track that valuable infrastructure.”

That’s why L.A. City Parks partnered with The Davey Tree Expert Company for the use of TreeKeeper, Davey’s proprietary web-based tree-management software.

“TreeKeeper helps us manage our resource but also manage our priorities,” Bauernfeind says. “It’s also an extremely invaluable risk-management tool.”

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