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Davey Helps Upgrade Ohio Streetscape

Posted: July 19, 2011

The village of Nashville in Ohio will get an upgrade to its streetscape soon with the help of The Davey Tree Expert Company.

The company will install trees and add benches in the village limits as part of a Community Block Development Grant.

Holmes County, Ohio's The Bargain Hunter recently reported the news. For more information, read the story below or see it in The Bargain Hunter.

Nashville to get Streetscape Upgrade

By Dave Mast, The Bargain Hunter

With the simple stroke of a pen from the Holmes County Board of Commissioners, the village of Nashville will get a beautifying upgrade to its streetscape soon.

Thanks to a Community Block Development Grant (CDBG), the village of Nashville will enter into an agreement with Davey Tree Expert Company to install trees and add benches within the village limits.


The village of Nashville, Ohio. Photo: Randy McKee

"This is part of the streetscaping grant, and the project will replace some of the trees which were torn down in the village when American Electric Power came in and installed electrical wires," said Arnie Oliver, Holmes County Planning Commissioner. "The bids came in below the estimated $20,000, so we were pleased with that, and it allows us to get more benches and more trees, so the village is thrilled."

The initial plan was estimated to be around $20,000, and the bid from Davey Tree Expert Company of Wooster came in at $12,729.

The trees will not be planted until later this fall.

In other commissioner-related news, the board of commissioners rescinded Resolution #07-07-11-3 accepting the Ohio Public Works Commission project agreement for the new October Hills collection system and wastewater treatment plant improvements, due to a technicality in the signing of the document. They then passed a new resolution, #07-18-11-7, providing the proper documentation to move forward on the project.

Included in Phase I of the wastewater project, which is currently located on Wally Road near Loudonville, will be an extended sewer service, which will advance along Ridgeview Drive and will include a pump station and force main to convey sewage to the existing Ridgeview Drive sewer.

The wastewater treatment plant will be converted from a sequencing batch reactor to an extended aeration treatment facility. Specific upgrades to the plant include converting the existing clarifier to an equalization basin, aeration system improvements, new clarifiers, new blowers, electrical system improvements, a new service entrance, fencing, yard piping and site grading.

The project construction will start in the beginning of August, with a completion date slated for May 15, 2012.


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