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Camp Ravenna gets funds for wetland restoration

Read the story below or click here to see it in full as it was published on The Record-Courier's website.

Published: May 21, 2013

COLUMBUS -- The state Controlling Board OK'd additional funding Monday to remove a dam and restore a creek at the Camp Ravenna Military Joint Military Center in Portage and Trumbull counties.

Without comment, lawmakers signed off on $76,595 for the project to cover improvements planned at the center's modified record fire range and multi-purpose machine gun range in Paris Township. The former is used primarily for rifle training, while the latter focuses on larger "crew machine gun type weapons," according to documents.

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde announced the release of funds for wetlands restoration on Monday.

"Further expansion and improvements allow Camp Ravenna to efficiently open more facilities and attract more local and regional troops for training," Clyde said.

The two range projects at Camp Ravenna will increase troop capacity and the ability to keep Ohio soldiers in-state for training and avoid sending them to more distant training centers.

An earlier contract approved by the Controlling Board in March covered wetlands mitigation and stream restoration on only the rifle training area. A separate contract was required for the machine gun range, according to documents.

The funds will be allotted to the Davey Resource Group, a division of The Davey Tree Expert Company, to continue consultation and work to preserve and restore wetlands at the modified record fire range and multi-purpose machine gun range projects at Camp Ravenna. Davey Resource Group will use these funds to complete research and development needed to create a comprehensive permit and plan for both range projects.

Also Monday, lawmakers released nearly $12,000 for roof renovations at the Newton Falls Readiness Center. The total project will cost more than $47,000, with federal funds covering the difference, according to documents.

The existing roof is more than 16 years old and "has exceeded its life expectancy, is failing and must be replaced," according to documents.

In other business Monday, the Controlling Board released $22,000 for a formal assessment of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services facility at 2026 South Ave. in Youngstown.

According to documents, such assessments are completed every 10 years to determine whether renovations and other improvements are needed.

The building was built in 1957 and includes more than 22,5000 square feet of space.

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