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Brimming with benefits, trees take center stage on Earth Day

This article with Total Landscape Care talks about Davey's Arbor Day celebration on social media and the benefits of trees. 

Posted: April 25, 2016

By David Rountree 

The Davey Tree Expert Co. has made it quick and easy to celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree. In fact, you can do it at the touch of a button.

Take a photograph of a tree no later than Arbor Day, April 29, share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #pics4trees, and Davey Tree will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation for an actual tree planting. You can find all the details of the project here.

Over the next 50 years, the tree you planted with a few clicks on your smart phone can generate $31,250 of oxygen, provide $62,000 worth of air-pollution control, recycle $37,500 worth of water, and control $31,500 worth of soil erosion, according to the Arbor Day Foundation.

For landscape contractors, most of whom are running at full speed, or soon will be, at this time of year, the benefits of trees are old news. Even so, it never hurts to remind clients that few plants can match the contributions – environmental, economic and aesthetic – of trees in the landscape.

The U.S. Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research says the addition of well-placed, healthy trees typically increases property values between 10 and 20 percent. Shoppers, meanwhile, spend more time and money – and come back more often – to retail centers with plenty of trees.

And then there’s the biggest economic benefit of all: Shade lowers the cost of air-conditioning your home and office. 

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