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Are the Trees in Your Yard Healthy?

In this Arlington Magazine article, Steve Nagy, assistant district manager at The Care of Trees, a Davey company, Dulles office, tells readers about why autumn is often the best time to prune trees.

Posted: Nov. 18, 2019

The vibrant colors of fall foliage are the stuff of coming holiday cards, but the gold, red and yellow leaves shouldn’t distract from what’s happening to the trees shedding them. Autumn is a great time to check the health of the trees in your yard and prep them to get all green and flowery again next spring.

Experts say bare trees are, in some ways, easier to diagnose. The absence of leaves helps arborists get a clearer picture of potential problems, such as branches that are poorly attached, cracks in limbs and fruiting bodies on trunks (also know as “fungal conks,” such growths can indicate that the tree is rotting inside).

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