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Davey in the News

  • 23rd Annual Bring One for the Chipper In this piece, Davey District Manager Chris Heim is interviewed by the local CBS Atlanta station about the local Christmas tree recycling program. See more
  • Fighting the Emerald Ash Borer Every ash tree is going to be susceptible to this pest. So we recommend you be proactive with a plant health care program – keep the trees healthy — watering, fertilization and then a preventative insect control program specific for this beetle. See more
  • Climate of Change Ahead for Gardening While many gardeners scan the newly arrived seed catalogs to plan their next growing season, the industry’s visionaries are pouring talent and resources into products and ideas they hope will be sown in years to come. See more
  • Money Really Does Grow on Trees Increasing the value of your next landscape design may be as simple as making room for trees. It’s no secret that landscaping increases property values, but according to The United States Forest Service, landscaping that incorporates mature trees may increase it by 20 percent. See more
  • Sunday Conversation with... Chris Heim In this story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Davey District Manager Chris Heim talks about the tree recycling program in Atlanta. See more
  • Tree Company Rescues Pelican Stuck Upside Down in Tree A brown pelican is on the mend at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida after getting stuck for hours in a tree Thursday morning. See more