Davey in the News

  • Japanese Beetles: Here to Stay In this Omaha WOWT news interview, Jennifer Morris of ABS Tree Care, a Davey company, talks about how homeowners can manage Japanese beetles on their property. See more
  • Japanese Beetles In this WREG Memphis news interview, Nathan Baker of Jones Bros. Tree & Landscape, a Davey company, talks about Japanese beetles and what kind of damage they can cause for your trees and plants. See more
  • Hot Weather Impacting Trees In this WSFB news interview, Philip Warrenger of The Care of Trees, a Davey company, in Hamden, tells viewers that the best things they can do to protect their trees from the heat is to make sure they are mulched and give them extra water. See more
  • WNY plants under attack by bugs, fungus and disease In this WKBW Buffalo news segment, Andy Cunniff of Davey's Buffalo office talks about the recent weather impacts you might be seeing on your trees and why it's important to have a certified arborist out to inspect them. See more
  • After a rainy spring, protect your gardens and trees from Japanese beetles In this WIVB news segment, Tom Anderson of Davey's Buffalo office tells homeowners what they can do to help their plants if the Japanese beetles are getting to them. See more
  • Counting on San Diego‚Äôs urban forest This San Diego Downtown News article mentions DRG's tree inventory for the Balboa Park Conservancy and how it plays into the park's larger plan. See more