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5 Ideas for Creating a Winter Wildlife Habitat

In this Angie's List article, Miles Stephens, district manager of Davey's South Pittsburgh office, tells homeowners how they can create a winter landscape that wildlife will be thankful for this year. 

Posted: Nov. 10, 2016

Birds and other wildlife are bracing for the elements. Help them thrive all season by creating a winter habitat they can enjoy. Simply provide structure, food and water and they’ll thank you all season long. You’ll notice a gradual increase in the number of friendly animals visiting your yard when you create a welcoming environment.

1. Care for the birds

Add feeders, nesting boxes and birdhouses to invite more feathered friends to your yard.

Plant both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs that provide hiding spaces, habitat and food supplies to create a sustainable environment for active winter birds. 

2. Go native

Choose trees and shrubs that are native to your area for a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape that’s also beneficial to local wildlife. Plant a diverse variety to offer multiple benefits. Many woody plants produce fruit or nuts that animals love to snack on during the winter months. Trees such as hawthorn, crabapple, holly, and sumac offer emergency winter food as well. 

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