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Safety Alert: COVID-19 Coronavirus

Updated March 2, 2020

Davey’s leadership is closely monitoring the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID19), with the safety of our people and service of our customers as our top priority. Present conditions currently do not call for us to enact drastic measures, but we would like to remind you of some key policies and provide additional information to our employees on steps to take to protect themselves and others. We continue to review the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and local departments of health and will continue to update our policies and procedures to align with the latest recommended preventive measures.

Please share this SafetyAlert including the links to the CDC in a safety meeting discussion focused on healthy practices with your employees. Please complete and return the enclosed Safety Meeting Report by March 16, 2020 to safetytrainingrecords@davey.com . Thank you

With that in mind, please note the following:

  • Contact with someone who is ill – If you have had direct contact in the past two weeks with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home, contact your health care provider to plan your care, and alert your supervisor.
  • Remain diligent with cleaning – In addition to your usual cleaning and sanitizing procedures, please take extra care to be sure that surfaces (including truck steering wheels, doorknobs, phones, etc.) are cleaned and disinfected frequently.
  • Healthy practices – We can all work together to keep our working environment as safe as possible. Please help by ensuring you are taking extra care to wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer or antiseptic hand wash.
  • Keep your distance – Stay away from others if you are feeling unwell and seek medical attention if you are feeling unwell or have flu-like symptoms for more than 3 days. Avoid close contact with anyone having cold or flu-like symptoms. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or an elbow when coughing or sneezing.
  • Watch your travel – If you travel to a Tier 3 country (at the time of this memo, this includes China, Italy, S. Korea, Venezuela and Iran), we are asking that you self-quarantine for 14 days upon your return, as per the CDC’s recommendations.

Please see the links below from the CDC for information that can be shared with fellow employees on staying well (factsheet is in English and Spanish).

This is a situation that the Davey leadership is monitoring closely, and we will reach out if our response changes. We understand the level of uncertainty this outbreak presents for all of us, and it’s important right now to work together to remain educated on the actions and practices within our control. We strongly urge you not to rely on information that you find posted to Facebook and other social media sites. Misinformation, rumors and unfounded claims are rampant on social media and will not provide useful guidance on this matter. If you have specific questions, please reach out to Anna Davis, director of human resources administration at 330-673-9511, ext. 8381, or Joe Tommasi, vice president of corporate safety, at ext. 8275. Thank you for remaining focused, safe and vigilant.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Safety Alert

COVID-19 Safety Meeting Report