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We are continuing to monitor, evaluate, and coordinate our policies and procedures as they relate to COVID-19. We have assembled a COVID-19 Action Team that meets several times a week to discuss the evolving needs of our employees during this ever-changing environment. This team communicates direction and offers support to our managers and employees. We have established a page on our online portal (in both English and Spanish) to provide this information as well as official guidance and resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We also communicate to employees, clients, and business partners through social media.

We have set up an Employee Assistance Disaster Relief Program as part of our Davey Foundation to provide financial assistance to those with COVID-19 related expenses. Our employees can also donate to this Fund, and any donations will be matched by The Davey Tree Expert Company. Current or furloughed employees are eligible. The program helps with eligible expenses such as:

  • Medical expenses incurred due to a COVID-19 diagnosis that are not paid by insurance.
  • Dependent educational expenses, including a computer, cost of new or expanded internet access needed to support children attending school from home, educational materials needed.
  • Dependent care expenses.
  • Increased transportation expenses from lack of access to public transportation.

We are encouraging employees to reach out to any furloughed employees that could benefit from this program to share this information with them. Employees can reach out to COVIDRelief@Davey.com with any questions.

Below are frequently asked questions and additional information related to Davey’s COVID-19 actions:

What guidance are you providing employees to help ensure their safety?

Balancing the health and safety of our employees with the needs of our clients and communities is our highest priority during this unprecedented time. Our managers have been directed to consider all flexible and creative options to take care of their people in the face of these unique circumstances. We are committed to working through childcare issues, illness-related absences and other strains on our teammates. We are working with our clients, our vendors and our human resources network to figure out what’s best for them and our employees.

As such, on March 2, we issued a Safety Alerts mandating a safety meeting discussion and report. This continues to be followed by additional COVID-19 safety-related information. We have issued guidance for managers and employees on COVID-19 leave, as well as guidance to our managers to take employees’ temperatures during the pandemic if directed by authorities as some state and local governments and clients have asked. As states issued “stay at home” directives, we implemented on March 23 mandatory work from home for those employees in states with the “stay at home” directive who are able to work remotely and advised that employees should only go into the office as much as is necessary to complete essential work. Our corporate and field support services continue to work remotely to support our field operations.

We are proud of our employees’ efforts to prioritize safety and health by adapting to working together while social distancing, even when it is less convenient and frustrating at times. We have directed employees who are concerned about a symptom or illness to use Davey’s telehealth resources by going to LiveHealthOnline.com. We are committed to doing our part to “flatten the curve.”

How have you been communicating with clients?

Much of our business has been deemed an essential service from government, state and local authorities. There has been a very little downward impact to our services. To ensure we exceed client expectations, especially in times of crisis, we have communicated our Pandemic Preparedness Plan to clients as we closely monitor the evolving situation with COVID-19 and its potential safety impacts. Our employees regularly check with managers for guidance and restrictions on customer interactions.

How are you limiting exposure with subcontractors and other business partners?

We have asked managers and employees to utilize the COVID-19 Health Self Screening Questions in all interactions with subcontractors or other business partners. Additionally, all in-person vendor and visitor meetings on Davey locations have been suspended.

The Davey Company is financially sustainable.

Together, our management and employees have built a company that is diverse geographically and in our service offerings. We have built a culture around employee ownership, teamwork and a “One Davey” mentality. Equally important, we have remained disciplined and focused on ensuring that our Company has the financial sustainability and trusted financial partnerships to absorb the impact of a challenging economy. We have managers in all areas of our Company that have been through business challenges caused by the great recession of 2007/08.

Our strategic plan has set us up to both financially and culturally to get through this even stronger. Remember – the Davey community always rises together.