TGR Solutions

TGR Solutions

Tree growth regulator (TGR) solutions slow the development of trees to help reduce required pruning. TGR solutions also provide tree health benefits such as greater drought tolerance, energy for more fibrous roots, slowed production of growth hormone gibberellins, and increased production of abscisic acid, a hormone that helps when trees are stressed.

Utility companies rely on TGR solutions to slow the growth of trees near power lines, helping to maintain or extend pruning cycles to increase reliability and lower operational costs. Additionally, a decreased need for pruning lessens the risk of injury to tree crews that work near high-voltage lines and along busy roads.

DRG works with utilities to integrate TGR solutions into their current vegetation management plans, identifying the best trees for applications and determining when it will work best with pruning cycles and notification programs.

Davey Resource Group exclusively uses ArborLock™ 2SC, a Davey developed product that slows tree canopy growth an average of 40-60 percent through the active ingredient Paclobutrazol. DRG’s licensed applicators apply ArborLock around the base of the tree, either through soil injection or basal drench. Dependent upon the tree size and species, only a small amount of product typically is needed to be effective.

Rather than having to call on product support from another manufacturer, DRG can leverage the industry expertise of the Davey Institute, Davey’s in-house researchers who developed ArborLock and have industry leading knowledge of TGR solutions.

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