Wildfire Prevention Isn’t Costly—It’s Priceless

In your world, safety is everything. It keeps production up and property damage down. More importantly, it helps preserve the lives of your customers and employees.

But safety doesn’t happen by itself, or in a vacuum.

Safety comes from being proactive.

That’s why we recently hosted the annual Davey Tree Fire Prevention meeting. Here are three takeaways from the event, which focused on proactive utility safety and fire prevention:

Lesson #1. Creating a safety culture saves $.

Larry Evans, Senior VP Operations for the Davey Tree Surgery Company, says Davey’s investment in training and safety resources helps Davey crews to nimbly adjust to changes, such as those caused by drought.

“With more access to training and certification, we’ve put together advanced arborist training that is setting—and exceeding—safety standards and protecting human life,” he says. “By stepping into the problem with our unique employee-owned approach, we’re able to create competitively priced solutions that save millions of dollars for our clients.”

Lesson # 2. An innovative, progressive, fire plan is mission critical.

During the symposium, Evans presented details of Davey’s fire plan, explaining that it is annually critiqued at the highest level. “We take this issue very seriously,” says Evans. “We not only maintain the insurance levels that will protect our clients, we have a dedicated safety department that goes out and literally does on-site, mock training for every single Davey crew member.”

Lesson #3. Accept only zero tolerance for fires.

“We know that if a single limb gets away, it could take a power line down and start a widespread and costly fire. That’s why Davey has zero tolerance for fires. Not only are we on hyper alert of our surroundings, every Davey crew has full gear out and within 25 feet of the work site, ready to use. Equally important is full communication with our utility customers and transparency with the Department of Forestry and other agencies.”

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