Vision Analytics

Leveraging GIS & Mapping Data with Dynamic Health Assessments

Vision Analytics® offers the ability to correlate current health assessment data, with historical circuit performance. Vision Analytics provides new insights for impacting outages, customer-minutes-of–interruption (CMI), and other reliability indices. The analytics are derived from true conditions-based field data providing actionable intelligence. The meaningful presentation of assessment results and related strategic opportunities offer utility management a variety of new choices for impacting grid reliability. Some of the strategies made possible with Vision Analytics includes:

“Vision Analytics delivers a conditions-based picture of circuit health and identifies specific points of weakness for actionable reliability improvement.”

Reliability Strategies Derived From Vision Analytics

  • CMI Reduction
  • Worst Performing Circuit Improvement
  • Pre-and Post-Storm Recovery
  • Lightning Arrester Health Verification
  • SAIFI/SAIDI Reduction
  • Smart Grid Network Performance
  • Prioritize Line Rebuilds
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Pole Fire Reduction
  • Hardening of AMI Systems

The Vision Analytics Includes An Exacter Circuit Health Assessment

Using Exacter’s patented technology, circuits are patrolled to identify undetected points of weakness on the overhead system. These points are investigated, validated, and a database of specific weakened components on each circuit is compiled. The data is available in spreadsheet, GIS .shp files, Google .kmz files, various map views, or as a complete PDF analysis report. Photographs of specific equipment along with pole number and GPS location are also provided.

Correlating the Data to be Meaningful & Actionable

When the dynamic Exacter health assessment data is correlated with GIS, Inventory Mapping, the location of substations and reclosers, and worst performing circuit data, Vision Analytics becomes a powerful management tool for impacting reliability. The reports and analysis present a variety of action options for impacting CMI, improving specific circuit performance, or other operational grid objectives.

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