Improve Circuit Reliability and Performance

Improve Circuit Reliability and Performance

Vision Analytics® utilizes historical utility reliability/outage/interruption data to develop a CMI Attack Profile. The attack profile optimizes outage/interruption/reliability data and prioritizes preventive maintenance operations yielding/resulting in the greatest CMI reduction and improvement in circuit reliability.

The attack profile identifies specific circuits and specific amounts of CMI that can be targeted for strategic preventive maintenance.

The data and analytics can be overlaid with GIS and asset management data for an industry-leading view of the overall grid health. In addition to reducing CMI, these same analytics can be used to drive a variety of other reliability improvement strategies including:

  • Worst Performing Circuit Improvement
  • Pre- and Post-Storm Recovery
  • Lightning Arrester Health Verification
  • SAIFI/SAIDI Reduction
  • Smart Grid/AMI Preparation
  • Prioritize Line/Circuit Rebuilds
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Pole Fire Reduction
  • Hardening of AMI Systems

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