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Vision Analytics® is a long-term strategy that improves circuit performance and reliability through the assessment, identification, and maintenance of critical overhead components. Patented technology and analysis provide a health assessment for distribution overhead equipment, pinpointing the location of components that are degraded or contaminated across the grid.

Vision Analytics is a collaborative process between DRG and a utility in which DRG leverages utility-provided data to optimize a strategy and conduct a health assessment. DRG works with the utility to establish a criticality measure and prioritize preventive maintenance operations for the greatest opportunity to impact equipment-related customer minutes of interruption (CMI).

Exploring Insulator Flashover and Scintillation

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How does the technology work?

Vision Analytics utilizes an overhead inspection technology that uses empirical field data as a basis for predictive analysis of components. 

Patented Exacter technology detects Partial Discharge (PD) phenomena and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) using proprietary time-domain and frequency-domain analyses.  PD and EMI are leading indicators of failing components and construction errors that occur in electric power circuits.

The functionality of the technology is the detection and identification of specific radio frequency (RF) failure-signatures that provide a proprietary method to detect degraded utility equipment.  

What can I expect from the Vision Analytics process?

Vision Analytics is a long-term strategy that improves circuit performance and reliability. Vision Analytics is a collaborative process between DRG and your utility. DRG will guide your utility through the assessment and analysis of your overhead system. DRG will present actionable and prioritized information to your utility for preventive maintenance operations on the circuits you choose to operate on.

The major process stages include:

1. Interruption Data Analysis / Project Optimization

The initial step in the Vision Analytics process is to review and analyze the utility-provided historical interruption data. The purpose of the CMI analysis is two-fold: gain visibility into your system’s current performance and reliability, and to optimize a project design that will provide the greatest opportunity to impact equipment-related CMI while assessing the least amount of overhead miles.

2. EXACTER technology Circuit Assessment

Patented Exacter technology detects Partial Discharge (PD) phenomena and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) using proprietary time-domain and frequency-domain analyses. 

3. EXACTER Failure Signature Analysis

Field data is uploaded from the EXACTER unit to remote servers via cellular connection for additional analysis. A powerful data-analysis engine processes field data for severity, persistence, and prevalence. The analysis produces a unique EXACTER grouping for confirmation and pinpoint locating with ultrasonic technology.

4. DRG Field Services – Pinpoint Locating and Confirmation

Exacter assessment and analysis produce EXACTER groups that identify structures where a contaminated or degraded component is present. An Exacter Field Engineer uses a second technology, Ultrasonic, to confirm and pinpoint the degraded or contaminated component.

5. Prioritized, Actionable Intelligence for Preventive Maintenance

Upon completion of the assessment, analysis, and field identification and confirmation, a field report of the health assessment data is provided to the utility in multiple formats enabling integration with existing utility solutions. Field Report formats include:

  • Detailed Field Report (.PDF, .DOC., .XLS)
  • GIS compatible files (.SHP)
  • Google Earth compatible files (.KMZ)
  • Futura and Milsoft Integration

6. Preventive Maintenance Operations

Assigning a level of criticality to each identified component will allow utilities to prioritize preventive maintenance operations. By addressing components that are identified most critical, utilities will realize improvements in both system performance and reliability while increasing system resiliency to prevent future interruptions.

7. Long-Term Trend Analysis

Exacter will work collaboratively with the utility to perform a long-term trend analysis of the assessed circuits performance, impact on equipment-related interruptions, and impact on the entire system reliability and performance.

How does Vision Analytics benefit my bottom line?

Vision Analytics is a long-term strategy designed to improve system performance and reliability through the targeted assessment of equipment-related interruptions, proactive identification of critical overhead components in a contaminated, degraded, or failed state, and the preventive maintenance operations of the identified components.

Vision Analytics will shift maintenance operations from reactive outage management to proactive, preventive maintenance of components before incurring an outage.

Through the preventive maintenance of critical components, your utility will improve system resiliency, reducing equipment-related interruptions and improving system performance and reliability.

How will this impact my current reliability standards and goals?
Vision Analytics is designed to integrate with and achieve current reliability standards and goals. Vision Analytics augments and enhances current reliability measures, assessing circuits with the greatest amount of equipment-related CMI to identify critical components responsible for interruptions.

Additional EXACTER technology applications:
  • Improve Worst Performing Circuits
  • Attack Unknown Line Operations
  • Smart Grid Preparation
  • AMR/AMI Troubleshoot
  • Delay Line Rebuilds
  • Reduce Customer Complaint
  • Target Areas For Improvemen
  • Pre-and-Post Storm Analytic
  • Identify Worst Performing Areas

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