Healthy trees are your first defense against storm damage.

DaveyShield is your second.

What is DaveyShield?

It’s peace of mind...a tree and shrub service warranty based on experience.

We have cared for trees and landscapes since 1880, and we have seen our share of storm damage. It can be sudden and costly. One heavy storm with strong winds can cause significant damage to trees and shrubs. The result is often thousands of dollars of tree removal and cleanup.

Many of our clients have asked the same question, “What can I do to minimize storm damage?”

First, we want to help you keep your trees healthy and strong through professional care and maintenance...before the storm. But even the strongest trees can be damaged.

Enter DaveyShield.

What does DaveyShield cover?

The DaveyShield limited service warranty covers many of the costs you would incur to clean up after a storm, including many of the services needed to repair storm-damaged trees.*

How does the warranty work?


*Subject to warranty limits.

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