What Does DaveyShield℠ Cover?

The DaveyShield limited service warranty covers many of the costs you would incur to clean up after a storm, including many of the services needed to repair storm-damaged trees.*

DaveyShield applies to tree damage caused by:

  • Wind
  • Ice and Snow
  • Flooding
  • Lightning

DaveyShield covers a number of storm response and restoration services:

  • Tree and tree debris removal
  • Hazardous tree/limb removal
  • Uprooted stump removal
  • Restorative pruning
  • Cabling

DaveyShield also provides you with a customized TreeFacts® report, detailing:

  • Tree size, species and location
  • Symptoms and notes from a licensed professional arborist
  • A general health rating for each inspected tree
  • The average replacement cost for each inspected tree


*Subject to warranty limits.

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