Tree Health Inspection & Treatment

Our team of professionally-trained arborists will ensure the health of your trees and shrubs. From handling tree diseases and insects to soil care and root protection, every aspect will be inspected by our tree doctors to create a treatment plan to solve any issues.

Tree Health

Our trees are a lot like us: they require care to remain healthy. Just as we trust doctors to guide us with this care, our trees need trusted tree doctors to monitor and heal them.

Trees thrive when they are monitored and maintained, which is why our professional arborists take the time to inspect trees and assess their condition. Routine tree health inspections are vital to managing insects and diseases and helping trees thrive in an urban environment.

Your arborist will inspect the root cause of tree stress or health decline and outline a plan to preserve your tree. Working with your local arborist ensures a personalized approach to tree health care, taking into account:

  • Regional pests and diseases
  • Local weather
  • The overall condition of your landscape

If you think you may need to diagnose a tree concern, browse our Arborist Advice section for causes, symptoms and management of a range of tree health issues. Then, contact your local arborist to receive an inspection and recommendation for treatment that will best meet your tree’s needs.



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