5 Things Your Should Know About Your Lawn

Our area has experienced severely dry conditions over the last month and there is little relief in sight. Drought challenges the entire landscape, but your lawn is impacted first!

Don’t panic. As lawn care professionals, we have been through drought before, and recommend several steps you can take now to preserve your turf

  • Mowing Matters. Sharpen your blades and increase your mowing height to 3- 3 1/2 inches to help conserve moisture. Change your mowing patterns each time you mow.

  • Water Correctly. Proper watering is critical when facing dry conditions. Consult your local Davey professional if you have questions about when and how much to irrigate your lawn.  

  • Treat Weeds & Pests. With decreased competition from lush turf, weeds and noxious grasses can develop much more rapidly. Surface and subsurface insects also increase in activity during dry periods. Our technicians will inspect for insect activity. If you see any suspicious activity such as brown spots or flocks of birds feeding in the lawn, contact your local Davey professional for an inspection.

  • Accelerate Recovery. Mechanical services such as core aeration and slit-seeding can improve the condition of the turf, removing thatch and relieving compaction, while promoting deeper root growth, increasing turf density and improving lawn quality. 

  • Long-term Investment.  When it does cool and the rain returns, fertilization will help promote recovery, and prepare for your lawn for a strong start next year. We use a slow-release granular fertilizer to safely support a healthy lawn.