Commercial Mulch Services

Bulk Mulch: Natural Fit for Chicago Commercial Landscapes, Recreation Areas

Commercial garden centers and professional landscapers prefer natural mulch because it offers great protection for trees, plantings, and outdoor recreation areas.

Although wood chips as well as rubber and other manmade materials are sometimes still used on playgrounds and in other recreational landscapes, many municipalities specify natural mulch material for their parks and play areas.

Whether they specialize in municipal, commercial or residential landscapes, Davey’s professional mulching services strive to protect and maintain trees and other landscape features through the use of high-quality, natural materials. A proper mulch application provides many benefits in commercial and residential landscapes, including:

  • Natural weed suppression, reducing the need for chemical applications
  • Moisture retention, supporting plantings and saving water (and money)
  • Protection from possible damage from mowers and other equipment
  • No pesticides and herbicides used to process natural mulch
  • Reduction in soil compaction and improvement in soil biological characteristics

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