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Davey Natural Mulch: Superior Value for Chicago Properties

The type and quality of your mulch makes a big difference to the health and beauty of your Chicago area commercial landscape—as well as the ROI you and your customers achieve
from it.

Commercial garden centers and professional landscapers prefer natural mulch because it offers protection for trees, plantings, and outdoor recreation areas. Davey’s premium, doubleground, Chicago-sourced natural mulch is the same quality and type of mulch used by nationally acclaimed botanic gardens, at a price that’s hard to beat!

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6 Reasons Chicago Commercial Landscapers & Garden Centers are Switching to Davey Natural Mulch

  1. Enriches As It Protects…Naturally. Mulch made from pallets or construction debris contain very little green material, and therefore provide less beneficial organic matter. The best natural mulch works just the way fallen leaves and branches do in nature to naturally protect and enrich the soil. And unlike bark mulches, ours returns nutrients from all parts of the tree (bark, twigs, and leaves) back to the soil for improved soil characteristics and optimal plant health. It’s like whole food nutrition for the landscape.

  2. Aged for Healthier Soil. Davey Natural Mulch is aged 8-12 months providing optimal biologic benefits and healthy soil pH.

  3. Locally Sourced. Davey Natural mulch is made from local materials and delivered in bulk right here in the Chicago area which reduces distribution costs.

  4. Enhanced Landscape Aesthetics. Public perception now favors a more natural aesthetic. The aging process used to produce Davey Natural mulch creates the subtle variation of color people enjoy, in a deep, rich hue. It has a pleasant clean scent, too, like a fresh spring day.

  5. Improved Water Retention. Davey Natural is a premium double-ground mulch. Its smaller particle size retains soil H20 without interfering with air flow to the soil and roots. This promotes healthier, longer-lived plants as well as better storm water retention.

  6. 25% Lower Price. Davey Natural is the economical choice for quality mulch in the Chicago area compared to most other commercial mulches.

Experience the Davey Difference While Supplies Last

Davey Natural Mulch is created in limited batches each year. Order early to ensure spring delivery! Call us today at 630.326.5224 to discuss the best commercial mulch options for your needs, including delivery information and volume discounts or email us at!