Davey Resource Group Presents: 2016 Webinar Series

Davey Resource Group is committed to providing up-to-date information on a variety of urban and community forestry topics. Our expert urban forestry consultants regularly present at local, regional, and national conferences throughout the world. With our breadth of knowledge and networks, we apply case study examples of how our clients are able to leverage their urban forestry projects into successful endeavors with meaningful results.

We are excited to announce our topics for our 2016 webinar series. This year, we have an exciting series covering a wide range of topics:

  • Ready to take your Urban Forestry Program to the Next Level?
    Learn more about Urban Forest Master Plans - archived here
  • June 15 at 1:00pm EST | Urban Tree Canopy Analysis
    Davey’s urban forest planning team presents an overview of the urban tree canopy (UTC) assessment process. - archived here
  • Contract and on-call Arborist Services | Stay tuned for details!
  • Update and re-inventory Your Public Tree Assets | Stay tuned for details!

We hope you find this webinar series engaging and informative. If you have additional topics of interest or would like one of our community forestry experts to present at your local conference on a particular subject, please do not hesitate to contact Josh at josh.behounek@davey.com.


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