Urban Tree Canopy Analysis and Land Cover Mapping

As communities are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental sustainability, climate change, urban heat island effect, stormwater management, air pollution, and storm and pest resiliency, community forest managers and planners are relying heavily on Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) mapping and analysis. Urban Tree Canopy is a key measure for identifying various types of community forestry benefits and future management opportunities.

Using advanced GIS and remote sensing software, Davey Resource Group’s GIS analysts process high resolution data to generate accurate tree canopy and land cover maps, including trees/forests, grass/meadows, impervious surfaces, bare soils and open water.

Davey’s UTC data analysis and mapping provide communities with a highly accurate classification and assessment of their existing tree canopy cover. UTC data supports proactive tree management, facilitates community forestry goal-setting, and prioritizes planting plans and comprehensive urban planning.

A typical analysis utilizes:
•    High-resolution, remotely-sensing data (multispectral satellite and/or aerial imagery)
•    Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data
•    Existing ancillary GIS data layers

With a UTC analysis performed by Davey’s expert GIS specialists and community foresters, you have access to a variety of valuable tools and reports, including:
•    ESRI ArcGIS Geodatabase, shapefiles, raster images and metadata
•    Final report of tree canopy cover and/or land cover classification metrics
•    High-quality interactive and hardcopy maps and mapbooks
•    Customized brochures, pamphlets and factsheets
•    Urban Tree Canopy, web viewers, and tools

Additional GIS UTC Services include:
•    Ecosystem Benefits Analysis
•    Stormwater and Hydrologic Analysis
•    Urban Heat Island "Hot Spot" Analysis
•    Sociodemographic and Socioeconomic and Health Assessment
•    Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) and Species Habitat Assessment
•    Tree Canopy Health Assessment
•    Historic Land Cover Change Analysis
•    GIS-based Prioritized Planting Plan

  • What is Urban Tree Canopy (UTC)?:

    • Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) is the layer of leaves, branches and stems of trees that cover the ground when viewed from above.

    A cost-effective initial approach to assess existing tree canopy cover for:

    • Future planting plans
    • Stormwater management
    • Water resource and quality management
    • Energy conservation management

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