Urban Forestry Resources: Breaking News! i-Tree updates just for you!

Davey’s experts, the U. S. Forest Service and all the i-Tree partners are nearly ready to unveil the latest versions of i-Tree Eco and i-Tree Landscape.

The improvements in i-Tree Eco include:

  • Minimal data input is required; only species, size, and condition, are needed to calculate benefits.
  • A grow-out feature so you can model how your community forest will expand in 2 to 99 years.
  • Forecasting so you can see how a pest outbreak or severe weather event will impact your forest (diameter, crown width, leaf biomass) and benefits (air pollutants) in the future.
  • Reformatted and easier to use reports.
  • Instant return of your results; no need to submit data to the U.S. Forest Service and wait in line any more.

The improvements that i-Tree Landscape will give you are:

  • A very simple and user-friendly application that will have greater accuracy and pre-loaded basemaps (unlike i-Tree Vue).
  • The ability to have your community’s UTC data layer uploaded for a customized experience for staff, stakeholders, and citizens.
  • The incorporation of census data for mapping and data analysis of tree canopy and environmental justice.
  • Accurate reporting on important benefits like carbon storage, air pollutants, and stormwater.
  • A tool that creates prioritized planting plans based on your most important issues.

Ask your Davey Resource Group community forestry consultant about all these exciting i-Tree developments and more. 


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