Trees provide endless value and benefits to every landscape. So before a project begins, it’s essential to ensure the protection of trees during construction. Davey Resource Group offers guidance and direction on tree preservation and tree root protection before, during and after construction. Our experts strive to safeguard trees so they can continue to thrive for years to come.

DRG’s ISA Certified Arborists® and consulting foresters have worked with a range of clients, from universities and municipalities to architects and developers. We provide protection of trees on construction and development sites through such tree preservation services as:

  • Tree risk assessment reports
  • Tree and tree root protection zone calculations
  • Mapping of critical root zones and trees to correspond with project plans and landscape designs
  • Soil analyses
  • On-site monitoring
  • Tree preservation action plans
  • Plant health care strategies

Backed by industry leading research and more than a century of tree care experience, DRG’s turn-key construction tree protection plans and tree preservation services help maintain tree health and beauty while contractors work on site—and long after they leave.

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