Tree Inventory Management

Davey Resource Group is the uncontested industry leader in urban forest inventories. Our dedicated team of inventory arborists and ISA Board-Certified Master Arborists are prepared to assist you in accomplishing your goals within your budget.

Proactive management of urban forests begins with a tree inventory/assessment. Trees are valuable community assets that clean the air, reduce stormwater runoff, decrease energy use and costs, and increase property values. With state-of-the-art equipment and tree management software, we collect the data you need to manage your public trees and plan for the future. Our professionals use GIS and GPS technologies to identify accurate tree and planting site locations, and evaluate every tree within the urban forest to determine condition, safety risk, and maintenance needs.

Davey can deliver your inventory data in any format you need for quick and easy use. With our position on the U.S. Forest Service’s i-Tree team, we can also analyze tree inventory data to calculate the value of the tree benefits in your community.

We are committed to helping your community achieve its management goals.

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