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Mobile Data Collection and Software

Davey Resource Group has the technical knowledge and software solutions to help clients with effective collection, access and management of data regarding trees and other features critical to one’s system or community.

Our GIS and IT professionals work with each client to identify and customize web-based programs and reporting systems, enabling users to securely access and update data from virtually anywhere. Combining DRG’s mobile mapping software experience with the latest hardware allows clients to maximize efficiencies and operations.

DRG’s mobile data collection applications and software solutions include:

TreeKeeper® Mobile Application. Enhancing our flagship and industry leading software, the TreeKeeper Mobile app allows users to access TreeKeeper data through nearly any mobile device. Leveraging the device’s GPS, cellular and/or browser location services, it automatically identifies the data collector’s position and provides the same editing and data management capabilities as the full site.

Rover Mobile Mapping Software. Rover is a cost-efficient GIS program that allows the user to easily collect and manage field data. Designed for vegetation management and tree and asset management inventories, Rover's customized input form enables simple review and editing of attributes. Photos and other documents can also be linked to asset data to enhance information.

ESRI ArcPad® Mobile Mapping Software. ArcPad can generate custom input forms and allow the user to create, edit and display geographic information in a disconnected environment. Data integrates directly into ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online.

ESRI Collector for ArcGIS Mobile Application. Collector enables use of a smartphone or tablet to collect and update information in the field with a web connection. Additionally, data integrates with Navigator for ArcGIS and Workforce for ArcGIS and allows attachments of various file types, including PDF and Word documents.

DRG understands no two projects are alike, so we work with each client to identify the ultimate software solution that will enable the most efficient collection and maximized use of valuable data.

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