custom cartography

Custom Cartography

Davey Resource Group offers custom cartography that includes professional map design and production of electronic map files and printed maps. We produce concise maps by incorporating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) data. Project stakeholders, investors and staff will have valuable information at their fingertips to help make informed decisions.

DRG’s custom cartography services include:

Data Driven Maps

DRG can efficiently create a series of new map pages from a single document. A feature layer, or index layer, divides the map into sections based on each feature and generates a new page per index layer.

Large Format Maps

Custom oversized wall maps provide an at-a-glance view of important characteristics of the urban forest such as tree assets, locations and attributes and how each relates to an area’s existing features. DRG’s large format maps can incorporate data on the urban tree canopy, or UTC, with the best available basemaps. Large maps also can assist with public outreach efforts or serve as a visual aide for special projects.

Map Books

Whether for individual neighborhoods, business cores or an entire project area, Davey Resource Group’s convenient map books can serve as a useful tool for team members or to convey key information to the public.  

Custom cartography from Davey Resource Group provides quality mapping solutions in a variety of formats—from map books to data driven maps.

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