Geospatial Services

Davey Resource Group provides expert geospatial and remote sensing services for a range of private and public sector clients across North America. We leverage our technological experience with decades of vegetation management, data collection and analysis, and urban forestry expertise—for which we’ve been recognized with an Arbor Day Foundation Beacon Award for leadership in urban and community forestry.

DRG’s geospatial services help resource managers use GIS insights to make more informed decisions, whether it is regarding tree canopy assessments or environmental suitability analyses.

Our expert geospatial services include:

  • GIS for Urban Forestry
  • GIS for Vegetation Management
  • Geospatial Data Analysis
  • Data Collection and Software
  • Custom Cartography

Through the use of the latest hardware and up-to-date software for a variety of projects and applications, Davey Resource Group delivers clients the cost-effective solutions they need with the quality they deserve.

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