Wetland Restoration Consulting

Davey Resource Group provides cost-effective solutions for the design and construction of wetland restoration projects intended to offset adverse environmental impacts. We have extensive experience with a range of wetland restoration projects, from voluntary programs by governmental organizations and conservation groups to compensatory wetland and stream mitigation work for developers.

DRG’s expert staff ensures each wetland restoration project is done right. In particular, we can provide expert assistance with:

  • Natural resource restoration
  • Pond, lake and bioretention basin design
  • Site development management and consultation
  • Wetland restoration and monitoring
  • Habitat construction and enhancement
  • Wildlife habitat analysis
  • Wetland creation and beach renourishment
  • Biological field personnel development and management

Additionally, DRG provides invasive species control; selection, installation and seeding of native vegetation; and wildlife assessment of a project’s net benefits on water quality and aquatic habitat. We also understand federal, state and local regulations and can complete wetland delineations and obtain required permits before construction begins.

DRG’s expert team includes certified and credentialed biologists and wetland scientists, regulatory specialists, ecosystem managers, ISA Certified Arborists®, commercial pesticide applicators and certified prescribed burn managers. Together, we provide turnkey solutions to identify and execute the utmost wetland restoration outcome to help clients achieve their goals.


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