Wetland and Stream Restoration and Mitigation

Davey Resource Group can design and implement any stream or wetland restoration project. We focus on helping you achieve your goals to ensure successful results. Davey works with governmental organizations and conservation groups to complete voluntary restorations. Davey also works with developers to complete compensatory wetland and stream mitigation projects required for permits issued by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state resource agencies.

Davey has the equipment and technical expertise needed to ensure that a restoration project is correctly constructed. Our trained staff of ISA Certified Arborists, Commercial Pesticide Applicators and Certified Prescribed Burn Managers can install native trees, shrubs and seed on the site and control invasive vegetation to assist in the recovery of the vegetation community.

Our staff includes biologists with extensive experience in botanicals, aquatic macroinvertebrate, avian, wildlife and fish surveys that can accurately assess the net benefits of a project on water quality and aquatic habitat. If your project requires monitoring, Davey will provide you with cost-effective solutions for analyzing and reporting on the development and success of your stream or wetland restoration.


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