Watershed Diagnostic Study, Gibson County

Davey Resource Group conducted a Watershed Diagnostic Study on the 23,300-acre Loefler and Scott Ditches Watershed in Gibson County, Indiana. This study was funded by an Indiana Department of Natural Resources Lake and River Enhancement Program grant with a match provided by Gibson County Soil and Water Conservation District.

The Loefler and Scott Ditches Watershed Diagnostic Study was a multifaceted project. Davey carried out numerous tasks to thoroughly document water quality influences and concerns, such as:

  • Obtaining and summarizing available historical data for the watershed.
  • Collecting and analyzing water chemistry and physical and biological stream data including an assessment of macroinvertebrate communities.
  • Developing Geographic Information System (GIS) maps with multiple layers of data to help identify critical areas within the watershed.
  • Conducting a windshield survey to further identify critical area locations.
  • Supervising two public meetings for the purposes of soliciting public input on water quality concerns and educating watershed stakeholders about water quality and ways they can contribute to improve water quality.
  • Utilizing the Spreadsheet Tool for the Estimation of Pollutant Load (STEPL) program to estimate sediment and nutrient pollutant loading in subwatersheds and decreases in pollutant loading with implementation of best management practices (BMPs).

Numerous and specific BMPs and institutional measures were identified, prioritized, and recommended throughout the Watershed to address water quality concerns based on data collected as part of this study. Information regarding potential BMP funding sources and institutional resources available to assist with water quality improvements were also provided.

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