Invasive Vegetation Management

When invasive vegetation emerges, it’s important to address it in the most efficient and effective way. Left untouched, invasive species alter natural ecosystem processes and affect the health, function and productivity of any site—from a small riparian area to a large wetland.

Davey Resource Group has the expertise and resources to provide complete invasive vegetation management, from initial identification and mapping to complete eradication of non-native plants. With a proactive approach, DRG’s invasive vegetation management can help save time and resources while maintaining the health of your natural areas.

Through visual inspections and GIS and remote sensing data acquisition, DRG’s expert staff will identify the species, size and location of each infestation. We then will develop a management plan to identify steps to control or eradicate invasive vegetation while leaving native species intact.

Invasive vegetation management services include:

  • Vegetation health assessment
  • Broad-scale eradication
  • Selective removal of targeted species
  • Native seed distribution
  • Reforestation planting
  • Herbicide applications
  • Prescribed burns
  • Ecological health monitoring
  • Vegetation density mapping

Davey Resource Group’s team includes biologists, wetland scientists, commercial pesticide applicators and certified prescribed burn managers. Working together, we are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective invasive vegetation management solutions.


Read more about our work with Invasive Vegetation Management in one of our Project Profiles:


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