Brunswick Town Center Stream Relocation & Restoration

Brunswick Town Center, a Zaremba Group development, is a commercial development around Brunswick Lake that provides the community a gathering place with stores, restaurants, and a new central park. To construct this development impacts to 1,135 linear feet of drainageway occurred. On-site mitigation for these impacts included construction of at least 300 linear feet of relocated stream using natural channel design techniques. Davey Resource Group worked with the engineering firm Cunningham & Associates, Inc. to implement the channel design and the planting plan.

The following project goals were set:

  • Achieve a minimum score of 35 on the QHEI by monitoring year 5 (2008)
  • Construct a minimum of 300 linear feet of stable, vegetated stream bank
  • Stabilize the stream banks by planting native riparian vegetation
  • Construct a forebay upstream of the relocated channel to capture and dissipate energy

Approximately 640 linear feet of relocated stream channel was constructed. The stream was designed in a meander pattern to mimic natural formation. A forebay was constructed at the culvert outfall to serve as a sediment basin and to dissipate energy prior to water entering the stream channel. Approximately 70 tons of native stone was placed in the channel to dissipate energy, stabilize the stream bank, and provide in-stream habitat.

Davey planted 63 native trees and 12 native shrubs to improve habitat diversity and increase canopy cover. In addition, 20 plugs of Salix interior (sandbar willow) were planted along a barren area of streambank to reduce erosion.

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