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Small Team, Large Impact!

For most of us, the word “summer” means relaxation; the kids are out of school, there is time to spend lounging by the pool or maybe taking a hard earned vacation we’ve been anticipating since last December, but the word summer takes on a whole new meaning for those of us who work in the natural resources consulting field.  For many of us, summer means long hours spent packed into a truck with sweaty co-workers, spraying herbicide while the sun beats down, eating a lukewarm lunch while swatting mosquitoes and trying to cool off in the shade, and discovering at the end of the season that most of your clothes have been dyed blue.

As tough as the summer season can be for Davey Resource Group field crews, the work we do is important and is helping to insure the longevity and health of natural habitats throughout our great state of Indiana.  From forests and prairies, to wetlands and streams, Davey Resource Group’s Indiana team is helping to make our state a little more native every day, tree-by-tree and seed-by-seed.  The Indiana team is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, which is located in the northeast corner of the state, but travel wide and far doing the good work to improve our natural habitats throughout the Midwest.  Below is a map that illustrates where we’ve been this year.

The Indiana team includes five crew members who travel all summer treating invasive species, stabilizing streambanks, planting trees, and installing wetland and prairie seed throughout the state. Sometimes, all the driving, spraying, and tree planting can get a little bit repetitive.  It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of the work and lose site of the bigger picture.  So every once in a while it’s good to step back a bit and take a broader look at the forest, instead of the trees.  With all the smaller sites spread over the state, what have we really accomplished in the last year?

In addition to traveling far and wide, since 2014, we have installed 21 acres of native seed, planted over 20,000 native trees, treated almost 200 acres for invasive species, and planted almost 4,000 live native plants.  From the perspective of total restoration accomplished, that’s a pretty impressive tally, and the Indiana team is adding to it, little by little, day by day.

Send any questions you have regarding our team and how we can help you with your project needs to Heather Bobich at Heather.Bobich@davey.com. Read more about Heather on her bio page located on davey.com.

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