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Our arborists provide tree service throughout West Columbus, Ohio. Areas we service include Upper Arlington, Dublin, Powell, and many other nearby locations. We’re dedicated to providing a range of tree services that will accomplish your property goals.

Davey is simply the best. My arborist is very helpful and responsive when I need the service - he returns calls promptly, comes out to survey a job almost immediately and is very knowledgeable and able to explain what needs to be done. I trust his judgement completely. And all of the Davey crews that have been sent are outstanding. They know what to do and do it safely. They are invariably polite and helpful. And Davey has the equipment to any job.

James S., Columbus, OH

I had a large tree limb fall in the front yard due to wind damage. The house was just put up for sale, and I did not want to have it there. Additionally, I needed some dead wood trimmed. I called Davey at 6AM, they came over at 9AM and arranged the crew which was working a block away to tag our job on the end. It was cleaned by noon. Weve been good customers for years, and this great service is why.

Fred R., Columbus, OH

Professional Tree Service in West Columbus, Ohio

When you hire a Davey arborist, you get professional tree service with a local touch. Since our tree specialists live and work in the area, they know it well and care about the landscape just as much as you do. Their vast tree knowledge and commitment to client happiness make our arborists the tree specialists of choice in West Columbus, Ohio.

Featured Tree Services

Our arborists are tasked with delivering the best tree care in the industry. They utilize comprehensive tree care solutions that meet your property’s needs. Trusted tree services we offer include:

Lawn Services Also Available

Your lawn is the foundation that supports your landscape, and it must be maintained to keep your property green and thriving. Our arborists know the Columbus climate and the challenges you face to keep a healthy lawn year-round. Our full lawn care program is designed to achieve your property goals throughout the seasons. Some of the local services we provide include:

West Columbus, Ohio Tree Pest and Disease Control

Maintaining a healthy yard means being proactive about the possible pests and diseases that can invade your property. Be aware of the common tree pests and diseases in West Columbus so you can call a Davey arborist if you think you’ve come across one.

Emerald Ash Borer - Tens of millions of ash trees in 26 states have been destroyed by this pest, native to Asia. Leaf dieback, vertical splits, D-shaped exit holes and S-shaped channels under the tree’s bark are all common symptoms of EAB.

Thousand Cankers Disease - First confirmed in Ohio in 2012, this disease can be deadly to walnut trees. Branch dieback, cankers and evidence of tiny beetles are common symptoms of thousand cankers disease which there is currently no known treatment for.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid - The hemlock woolly adelgid (related to aphids) is a serious pest of Canadian hemlock in the eastern United States and of western hemlock used as an ornamental in the Pacific Northwest. The adelgid injures hemlocks by sucking sap from needles and twigs.

Don’t let area pests and diseases destroy the property you’ve worked so hard to beautify. Request a consultation with a West Columbus arborist if you suspect an invasion.

The Davey Tree Advantage

Peace of mind is hard to come by. This is why Davey guarantees your 100% satisfaction with our DaveyCare℠ Client Promise.

Our company is bonded, insured and employs ISA Certified Arborists that are second to none in the industry.

Davey leads the industry in tree care science, supporting our field team with the most passionate scientists and advisors in the industry at The Davey Institute.

Find your local arborist below to discuss your tree care options today


The Davey Tree Expert Company 3603 Westerville Rd, Columbus, OH 43224

Areas serviced

  • Canal Winchester
  • Carroll
  • Columbus
  • Delaware
  • Dublin
  • Galena
  • Galloway
  • Gambier
  • Granville
  • Hilliard
  • Huntsville
  • Johnstown
  • Lancaster
  • Lewis Center
  • London
  • Marengo
  • Marion
  • Marysville
  • New Albany
  • Newark
  • Pataskala
  • Pickerington
  • Plain City
  • Powell
  • Radnor
  • Reynoldsburg
  • Thornvillle
  • Waldo
  • Westerville
  • Ashville
  • Blacklick
  • Grove City
  • Groveport
  • Mt. Gilead
  • Mt. Sterling
  • Sunbury
  • Upper Arlington

Additional Tree Services in West Columbus

  • Tree Planting

    Planting a tree that will thrive depends on the landscape, the climate and property goals. Our certified arborists provide expertise on “right tree, right place” – what trees to plant and where and how to plant them.

  • EAB Prevention & Treatment

    With proper treatment, some trees infected with EAB can be restored, and those that are healthy but at risk can be protected. Our professional arborists can identify EAB and provide the best options for your tree’s health.

  • Landscape Management:

    Our team provides a full-range of landscape maintenance services to manage the health and aesthetic appearance of your property.

  • Cabling & Bracing

    Our certified arborist effectively pinpoint weak limbs that need cables and braces to reduce potential risk. Professional installation strengthens weak branches and reduces tree stress caused by weather elements and heavy foliage.

  • Deer Control

    Deer aren’t cute when they’re eating your trees, shrubs and flowers. We can help keep your landscape lively by controlling deer. Davey uses deer repellent sprays, fences and more to keep deer out of your garden.

  • Air Spade

    Many tree problems start at the roots, and left untreated, can lead to tree failure. Certified arborists use air spades to diagnose root problems and remedy root flares. This tool reduces soil compaction while safely unveiling tree roots for arborists’ inspection.

  • Tick Control

    Did you know up to 90 percent of tick bites occur in your own yard? Keep your family safe from ticks at home. Davey can reduce your yard's tick population with our safe, eco-friendly tick suppression program.

  • Tree Risk Assessment

    Schedule seasonal tree risk assessments to keep your trees and home safe. Certified arborists can identify safety hazards and potential weaknesses earlier. Catching problems early is far cheaper and safer than treating advanced problems later.

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Davey Tree Service: West Columbus, Ohio Office 614.300.1460 3603 Westerville Rd, Columbus, OH 43224 Our arborists provide tree service throughout West Columbus, Ohio. Areas we service include Upper Arlington, Dublin, Powell, and many other nearby locations. We’re dedicated to providing a range of tree services that will accomplish your property goals.