TreeKeeper Mobile

TreeKeeper® 7 Mobile system allows users to access their TreeKeeper 7 data through a mobile device. It is a native Android, iOS and Windows application. There are annual licensing fees for this service based on number of users.

The mobile system utilizes the device’s native GPS, cellular and/or browser location services to locate your position automatically within the application. The application has full-capabilities of accessing and editing data on the full site.

Having your tree data easily accessible in the field provides amazing efficiencies in managing your urban forest. Below are just some of the features where TreeKeeper mobile can help manage tree inventories in the field:

  • Adding and moving trees with a simple drag and drop feature
  • Querying tree locations by address, attributes, work records or work orders
  • Instantly syncing real-time updates with each program in the software suite
  • Communication in a timely manner to crews through assignment of work
  • Assigning new and completing existing work records and orders
  • Logging phone calls regarding the work site


For more information, email or call 800.828.8312 ext. 4857