Contract Forestry Solutions & Grant Writing Assistance

Contract Forestry Solutions

With decades of experience in municipal and management operations, our project-based contract foresters assist clients with staffing and managing complex initiatives like large-scale tree planting goals, invasive pest management, weather-related emergencies, construction, or capital improvement projects. Our goal is to help clients deliver with the quality they expect and on a budget they approve.

Based on our customer’s unique needs, we can manage city contractors, take homeowner requests, coordinate events, preform site inspections, and provide updated reports. Alternatively, Davey can serve as your city’s forester and conduct tree inspections, preform contract-based pruning or removal, train in-house staff, prepare grant applications, and deliver on other additional services that meet your community’s specific needs.

Grant Writing Assistance

Making the urban forestry vision for your community a reality requires resources and funding. Davey has a network of local, regional, state and national partners that allows us to be aware of and understand potential grant funding opportunities.

Grant writing can be technical and time consuming – our goal is to provide our clients with a full understanding of the process and equip them with the tools needed to write a solid grant application. No matter the size of your urban forestry project or community, we are here to help you navigate funding options. 

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