Stream Restoration and Re-Vegetation

Davey Resource Group led the team to develop a restoration plan for a 500-foot section of Big Creek just upstream from its confluence with the Grand River at Helen Wyman Park. 

Erosion of the streambank was threatening the riparian buffer and adjacent park lands, a known safety risk, and a known source of sediment to Big Creek and the Grand River. The Davey Team preformed an alternative analysis to determine the best stream restoration methods for the site with respect to the project's goals of stream restoration, bank stability, flood storage, and maintenance of Big Creek access for park visitors.

Through a combination of natural channel stream design techniques and bio engineering, the streambank was secure and the stream channel redirected. Five rock weirs were installed to redirect flow to the center of the channel and stabilize the streambanks on the park side while allowing for fishing access to Big Creek.

The Big Creek project involved stream analysis, watershed modeling, surveying, development of detailed stream restoration plans, cost estimates for construction work, and bid assistance for contractor selection. Davey provided construction oversight management during the course of the project to ensure that all design specification were followed. Restoration of this section of the stream was completed in July 2011. installation of large trees within the riparian area occurred in October 2011. 

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