Section 401 and 404 Permitting

Davey Resource Group was retained by Zaremba Group, LLC to obtain an Individual 401 Water Quality Certification from Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and an Individual 404 Permit from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for Glenwood Commons, a 220-acre, mixed-use development located in Delaware, Ohio. The site is comprised of both large- and small-scale commercial uses, residential home sites, and office space. Davey coordinated the permitting process with Zaremba Group and two other co-permittees.

First, Davey performed a complete delineation of the wetlands and streams on the site and prepared a Wetlands Delineation Report. Significant water resources were located on the site and included 12.8 acres of wetlands and 8,280 linear feet of streams. Davey performed a quality assessment of all waters located on the site and coordinated a pre-application site visit with multiple agencies, including USACE, Ohio EPA, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Davey assisted Zaremba with the development of a site plan that would provide an adequate financial return on their investment while minimizing the impacts to streams and wetlands to meet objectives dictated by state and federal agencies. Permits were obtained to impact 5 acres of wetlands and 3,234 linear feet of streams.

Throughout the permitting process, Davey also assisted with the following activities:
● Coordination with USFWS to ensure no critical habitat for endangered species would be negatively impacted by the development.
● Coordination with Ohio Historic Preservation Office and an archaeological consultant to perform a Phase 1 Archaeological Survey and the resulting Phase 2 and 3 recovery studies.
● Preparation of a detailed on-site stream and wetlands mitigation plan to meet the requirements of state and federal agencies.

To ensure the stream was constructed properly and the stream bed materials were located appropriately, Davey provided oversight during the construction process of the on-site relocated stream mitigation project. Post-construction, Davey returned to the site to install native trees and shrubs along the stream to ensure the conditions of the Section 401/404 permits are achieved. Davey will also perform the 10-year monitoring and reporting activities to meet the requirements specified in the Section 401/404 permits.