Estate Restoration

Davey Resource Group assisted a private estate owner in the restoration and rehabilitation of a property characterized by a varied slope. As of spring 2015, restoration will be complete but maintenance is ongoing. The property’s predominant issues included: erosion from flashy rain events; failing unsustainable turf grass; a bland turf yard; and stormwater infiltration. The successful restoration project was completed by a multidisciplinary team of experts in the following fields:

  • Ecology
  • Habitat restoration
  • Civil engineering design interpretation
  • Environmental restoration construction
  • Tree care and forestry management
  • Landscape architecture

The land was sculpted to address erosion and stormwater management issues. Davey worked on areas in need of long-term solutions, such as reconstructing and modifying the entire driveway, conducting wetland restoration, and restoring the bland turf grass yard to a fully functioning, ecologically stable environment.
As the general contractor and overseer of the project, Davey achieved solutions ranging from the roadway to the lakefront, including stability modifications to the deck. Alterations to the driveway included installing permeable pavers to assist in water infiltration and contouring the slope of the drive to direct water into newly constructed rain gardens. Rain gardens can naturally infiltrate water into the ground while allowing the remainder—during flashy rain events—to slowly disperse into the newly created natural area that extends to the wetland. The wetland is being restored to address fluctuating water levels from both the lake and stormwater inflows. A ravine damaged by erosion was also restored with rain gardens, riprap, and stabilizing vegetated bags.

To enhance aesthetic appeal, Davey transformed the front turf grass area into a short grass prairie. The formal perennial beds were reshaped, improved, and designed using native and cultivar plants that beautifully frame the natural area to the home. Finally, a deck with failing support beams was repaired to ensure safety. Soils were modified and long-term erosion controls were installed in the sub-layer of the deck to prevent future stabilization issues.