Banklick Creek Watershed

The Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission and the Banklick Watershed Council received a grant to analyze the Banklick Watershed and characterize issues for education and outreach purposes in terms of forest management. Davey Resource Group assisted the Planning Commission, Council, and other project partners by:

  • Performing GIS analysis and mapping of natural resource data
  • Assisting with socio-economic and land use planning data analysis
  • Creating education and outreach materials
  • Developing a watershed council guide for other councils to duplicate the project

Geographic Information Systems based maps of forest canopy cover, water resources, topography, other natural resource features, and census and planning data were created for this project. Using these data, a composite analysis was performed to identify the locations of critical areas in the watershed. These critical areas were defined as areas for protection and areas for restoration where the forest cover could contribute to protecting water quality and moderating stormwater runoff.

Davey Resource Group prepared the maps used as the basis for determining characteristics and issues in the watershed, which in turn were used to determine priority action steps for the watershed council.

In addition, Davey created education and outreach materials based on the findings of this project. These materials included a brochure on the issues identified and a citizen's watershed stewardship handbook. Davey also created a watershed council guide and reference book that detailed the entire process of this project so other watershed councils could duplicate it to begin to determine their own needs and issues.

The results of this project can be used to educate decision makers, special interest groups, and citizens about the positive impacts forests within watersheds, and to help watershed councils achieve their missions and goals.

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