How to Simplify Stormwater Management

From: John Herchl, Davey Resource Group
LEED-Accredited, CPESC- and CESSWI-Certified professional specializing in NPDES compliance and green infrastructure

  1. Get a handle on NPDES permitting.
    If there’s one area you need outside expertise, this is it. An experienced consultant can help with permit negotiations as well as develop a cost effective, efficient and no-hassle process to ensure ongoing and successful monitoring, maintenance and compliance.
  2. Switch from gray to green.
    Plastic pipe, concrete and metal catch basins do an okay job, but gray infrastructure simply cannot do what green infrastructure can—mirror a natural hydrologic system. Green infrastructure is far superior at filtering stormwater and releasing it at a much slower rate in urbanized areas.
  3. Have a plan before your break ground.
    Don’t build your stormwater management infrastructure unless and until you know how to maintain it. Well thought-out green infrastructure programs can help stretch your infrastructure budget and ensure success.
  4. Think outside the box.
    When space and money are at a premium, consider integrating alternative control measures–like rain gardens, bioretention, permeable pavement and more–into your site design. Davey solutions combine best-of-breed stormwater management with ornamental and amenity-rich aesthetics.
  5. Automate general maintenance.
    If maintenance is an afterthought, your stormwater management program will fail. Instead, develop an annual maintenance plan that includes dealing with invasive vegetation, managing wildlife and habitats, controlling algae and erosion and removing sediment.


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