Midwest Spring Report


The long winter season has moved on and, like usual, the cold-weather months most likely left behind some not-so-good things in and around your landscape—like broken limbs, debris and dead plant material.

Now’s the time to correct both the appearance and safety of your property.

Walk your property with your Davey representative. Together, you can pinpoint potential issues and develop a spring clean-up and action plan.


  • Replacement of Overgrown Plant Material
  • Enlargement & Addition of Flower Beds
  • Irrigation Upgrades


Talk to your Davey representative about planning ahead for fall landscape upgrades, including planting trees and shrubs. It’s not too early to think fall color with mums and pansies so you can reap the rewards this time next year with an early show of spring color.

Send your questions or comments to: Greg.Myers@davey.com.

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