Midwest Summer Report


Weather-wise we’re on track for the season with temperatures getting warmer.  

The very wet spring may have created areas on your property where there may be drainage issues that might need addressed.

Because too much water can lead to disease, fungus and even plant death, it’s important to improve soil drainage wherever water collection is a problem.


  • Summer Color for Curb Appeal
  • Turf Disease Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Landscape Enhancements (ask us for details)


It’s been said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. So now’s the time to take your landscape wish list and turn it into a fall project plan. Because big projects take time to come together, planning now helps alleviate hassles and budget woes, not to mention ensure timely installation. Talk to your Davey representative about trees, shrubs and fall color, including pansies or mums.

Send your questions or comments to: Greg.Myers@davey.com.

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