Mid-Atlantic Fall Report


We had an extremely hot summer, and it really impacted the turf. To build stronger, healthier turf, we recommend core aeration to help loosen compacted soil, and improve airflow, and soil and water uptake.

Now is also a great time to re-seed thin or bare turf since the seed germinates well with autumn’s warm days, cool nights, and moist soil. And, if you’re looking at landscape  improvements right now but are tight on budget, a lot of our customers are using their leftover snow budgets to fund fall enhancements.


  • Turf Renovations
  • Landscape Enhancements 
  • Fall Planting


Snow and ice storms are more common than not these days, and when they hit both salt and sand are in high demand. We recommend booking snow and ice management contracts now to ensure you’ll have a retainer on the proper materials. Not only does a contract help ensure adequate supply, it lets us be more proactive in keeping ahead of storms with pre-salting of your property. Ask your Davey representative about your snow and ice management options.

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