Florida Summer Report


Weather-wise we’re experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent memory.

The extremely dry weather negatively impacted spring planting enhancements. As a result we recommend the following:

Because drought conditions really stress plants, we recommend delaying the installation of new plant materials until after normal moisture levels return. Until then, Davey crews are employing best practices such as maintaining proper mowing height and servicing the irrigation system to ensure healthy plants and turfgrass.


  • Irrigating Turf “Hot Spots”
  • Combating Drought Conditions
  • Thwarting Insect Damage


It’s full-blown hurricane season here in the South.To minimize tree and property damage when the rains and wind come, prune trees now to assure clear distance from buildings and rooftops. Ask a Davey ISA certified arborist whether pruning alone is enough or if your landscape assets require additional corrective measures, such as cabling or bracing of weak limbs and trunks.

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