Florida Fall Report


Davey crews from around the nation are working day and night to restore areas impacted by Hurricane Irma. With an outstanding response from more than 1,000 employees across all Davey service lines, we are assessing damage and calling in dedicated crews with special equipment to respond to the devastation. Our commitment is always to our clients first, but we are proud to help others in need and the communities we serve.


  • Storm Response and Cleanup
  • Developing Plans to Restore Landscapes
  • Community Support and Disaster Relief 


Hurricane Irma was one of the worst storms in recent memory, but unfortunately hurricane season is not over yet. Many property managers are still assessing damage and working hard to get things back to normal. After you’ve addressed the high priority storm cleanup, we strongly recommend a thorough tree inspection from your Davey Account Manager. These professionals are trained to identify high risk concerns and can recommend appropriate corrective measures, including removing dead wood, and cabling or bracing weak limbs.

Send your questions or comments to: jason.bassler@davey.com.

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