Detroit, MI Snow Removal

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Davey commercial grounds maintenance has made a name for itself in the greater Detroit area for snow removal services. Davey clears snow from about 440 acres on 13 sites, which include a large strip mall and properties of Ford, General Motors and Toyota.

Crews use 16 loaders with snow push boxes as wide as 16 feet. This combination helps clear larger paths in a safer manner than a traditional truck with an attached plow. Davey utilizes 10 salt trucks, which spread more than 2,500 tons of salt each year. In addition, crews use ATVs to clear sidewalks and liquid de-icer trucks with brooms attached to the front to remove snow and ice from vehicle test tracks that have various surfaces and driving paths.

Crews also clear entrances and other areas requiring shoveling and detail work.

A crew of 55, which includes managers, site supervisors, field employees and sub-contractors, has established snow removal services as a critical component of operations in this Michigan territory. This is particularly evident through the growth of such work since 2000, when less than 100 acres received snow removal.

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