Why Businesses Should Take Care of Their Trees

Commercial Tree CareAs a facility manager, you know that you can save money with a preventative maintenance program for your building, furniture, fixtures and equipment. But have you considered the impact of investing in a preventative maintenance program for your outdoor assets?

Did You Know?

  • Winter is often the best time to prune
  • Pruning costs have dropped significantly in the past 2 years
  • Improper pruning can make trees more prone to storm damage
  • Synthetic fertilizers may be harmful to your trees
  • Deep-root feeding places nutrients below most feeder roots
  • Blanket pesticide applications may increase pest problems
  • New Emerald Ash Borer treatments are considered 99% effective
  • Plant health care programs should be reviewed every year

According to researcher Kathleen L. Wolf, an environment psychologist at The University of Washington, shoppers are willing to pay more for the goods and services that they buy at well-landscaped business districts with nice trees. “It’s remarkably consistent across the nation,” says Wolf, who has studied trees along big-city streets, small-town squares and even strip malls. “People are willing to pay 9 to 12 percent more” if there are trees around. Shopping is an experience, “and trees appear to enhance that experience,” Wolf says.

Drivers on tree-lined streets report less aggression. Hospital patients with views of trees require fewer pain relievers and heal quicker. Desk workers without views of nature claim 23 percent more illness than those with windows overlooking trees. Trees seem to make everything better.

Structural pruning of young trees, maintenance pruning of mature trees and shrubs, and rational pest and disease treatments can save money in the long run. The certified arborists at Davey can help you design a cost-effective program for the woody plants in your care.

Contact your local certified Davey office to learn how you can help protect your valuable outdoor assets.

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