Utility Flags Help Prevent Property Damage

Utility Flags on a PropertyTrees often grow too close to everyday utility lines buried below the surface. Due to the consequences that errors can create, our workers must know where these lines are relative to where they will be working.

Safety for our clients, employees and our clients’ properties is our number one concern. Therefore, we use a professional utility locating service.

After utility lines have been marked or flagged, our crews have a two-week window in which to complete our work. Scheduling within this timeframe alongside possible weather delays and previously scheduled work often requires us to request utility markings just before our work is completed.

At times, we are not able to remove stumps because the utility lines buried below ground have not yet been identified or the lines that are marked are too close to our work zone. The utility marking services are not exact with their markings unless they physically excavate the lines. Due to safety concerns, if the utilities lie within 18 inches of a tree stump, we will not be able to grind the stump(s). In such circumstances, clients may arrange to have the utility lines excavated and positively identified or re-routed.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about how utility flags can benefit you, contact your local certified Davey Tree office for further details.

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