Proper Tree Pruning

Pruning is a cornerstone of successful tree care. It maintains tree health and an attractive form by eliminating decaying, errant, diseased or dead branches.

Is it Time?

While maintenance pruning of most shade trees can be done anytime, some species best respond to pruning at specific times of the year. Consult your Davey arborist to develop an appropriate pruning cycle for your specific trees.

No Topping, Please!

Proper tree pruning should not be confused with the disfiguring practice of “topping.” Topping is the indiscriminate shortening of a tree’s main leader and main branches resulting in stubs. The wounds do not close readily, inviting decay. Undesired growth from unsightly watersprouts are also a problem, and the tree is highly susceptible to damage from strong winds, sunscald, winter injury, insects and diseases.

Invest for the Future

Proper pruning cuts do require more skill, and as a result, often more time, to perform than topping. The benefits are well worth the effort. Trees that are properly pruned live longer, retain a pleasing and natural appearance, are better able to withstand severe weather events, and should not need to be pruned as often.

Pictured below on the left is a tree before pruning and the photo on the right is after pruning.

Some descriptionSome description

Pruning can make your lawn look the best in the neighborhood. Keep up that curb appeal by contacting your local certified arborist. 

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